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Chicago Style Hot Dogs

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  • 1 pack all-beef hot dogs
  • 1 pack poppy seed hot dog buns


  • Yellow mustard
  • Sweet pickle relish
  • White onion, chopped
  • Tomatoes, cut into wedges
  • Dill pickle spears
  • Peppers (we recommend sport peppers)
  • Celery Salt


  1. Turn the Water Tank over and fill it with water. The Water Tank's capacity is 4.5 cups and it is recommended to fill the water tank to its full capacity.

  2. Place the hot dogs in the Basket.

  3. Using Steam Mode, cook at 212ºF for 6 minutes. Place the buns in the basket for 1-2 minutes for a steamed bun!

  4. Add the desired amount of toppings to your dogs and enjoy!

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