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2-in-1 Rotisserie Oven w/ Skewers Kit, Baking Pan, and 2 Racks with Multi-tier Positions

  • $ 79.99
  • $ 105.95

This GoWISE USA rotisserie oven is equipped with fold-able burners making it a 2-in-1 oven, giving the user the ability to bake or rotisserie their food. It comes with multiple accessories such as skewers, skewer rack, 2 baking pans, and 2 racks with multi-tier positions. Designed with a cool grip handle and clear glass door so giving you the ability to monitor your food while it is cooking. Cook anything from cookies, rotisserie chicken to vegetable kebabs with a wide temperature range of 200 - 450 degrees and an adjustable timer up to 60 minutes. This versatile oven with easy to control manual knobs upgrades the cooking in your kitchen!