Now that school has started back up again and the Fall and Winter are approaching, everyone’s schedules tend to get busy. As schedules pick up, so do kids’ appetites it seems! Food is often the first thing mentioned when they walk through the door. Do you agree? Keep those little monsters at bay with quick and easy snacks made in GoWISE USA products.


Having a snack ready for your kids when they get home can tie them over until dinner time. Our products enable you to make quick and delicious snacks with ease while giving you more time to do other things. Simply throw your ingredients in your GoWISE appliance, set it using our preset programs or choose your own time and temperature, and let it do the work. Enjoy more time to play with your kids or tidy up the house while you wait for your meals.


Our Blenders are great for whipping up smoothies, frozen treats, dips and soups of any kind, such as peanut butter, hummus, oatmeal or chicken soup. If you’re looking for a grilled snack, like quesadillas, mini grilled sliders and grilled fruits or just trying to achieve that delicious, caramelized flavor then take advantage of our Indoor Electric Grill. Pressure Cookers are great for making literally anything from meats, soups, dips, veggies, desserts and more in minutes! This universal kitchen gadget will be up to the task of making kid-approved snacks like homemade yogurt, mac and cheese, corn dog bites and even breakfast and dessert muffins! Air Fryers are awesome for crisping up any dish from meats, fish, french fries, veggies, snacks and desserts of any kind – without the added oils and calories. Some go-to air fried snacks for your kids are mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches, baked apples with cinnamon or even churros! Our Air Fryer Ovens are just larger versions of the regular air fryers, so you can still achieve the same result and make similar things but enjoy the added accessories to enhance your cooking! Your kids can enjoy a personal pizza, crispy chicken wings, french toast or even dehydrated fruits and jerky!


No matter what product of ours you choose to use for after school snacks, there is one thing that is certain. You will be able to whip up tasty and healthier options for them, have an easier cooking and cleaning process AND save time that you can spend with your kiddos. Follow along below as we show you a few of our favorite after school snacks.






Roasted Red Pepper Hummus



This snack is great to enjoy any time of the day and is a healthier alternative for your kids in place of potato chips, candy or store bought desserts. It will make about 6 servings or 1 ½ cups, the perfect amount for you, your kids and maybe leftovers! To save time, we utilized jarred peppers, but feel free to roast your own with a traditional oven, Air Fryer or Air Fryer Oven! Our Blender was ideal for this dish, because we just threw all of our ingredients in, blended and done. Blending the tahini and lemon juice for extra time will help “whip” the tahini, resulting in a smooth and creamy hummus. Mincing your garlic is optional, but with one of our Blenders it isn’t necessary, just throw the peeled garlic in. We opted for canned chickpeas but go ahead and soak and cook your own dried chickpeas too! If your hummus is too thick or has tiny bits of unblended chickpeas, then slowly add in 1-3 tablespoons of water until you reach your desired consistency. Don’t forget you can store your hummus in an airtight container and refrigerate it for up to 1 week. Hummus is such a universal snack – you can spread, bowl, bake, cook and dip it! Pair it with your favorite veggies or crackers or spread it on some tacos, pita wraps, sweet potato toast or bagel sandwiches to create a healthy snack or meal for you and the kids!





¾ cup jarred roasted red peppers, chopped

1-15 oz. can chickpeas

¼ cup + 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

¼ cup tahini

1 small garlic clove 

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

½ tsp ground cumin

pinch of cayenne pepper

½ tsp salt, plus more to taste  





In a blender, combine the tahini and lemon juice and blend for 30 seconds. Scrape the sides and bottom of the blender and blend for another 15 seconds.

Add in the olive oil, garlic, cumin and ½ teaspoon of salt to the whipped tahini and lemon juice. Blend for 15 seconds and scrape the sides and bottom of the blender and blend for another 15 seconds.

Drain and rinse your chickpeas. Add half of the chickpeas to your blender and blend for 30 seconds. Scrape the sides and bottom once again or use your tamper to push ingredients down to the blades as you blend, until you get a smooth consistency. Add in the rest of the chickpeas and blend for another 30 seconds-1 minute, or until you get a thick and smooth consistency.

Add in the roasted peppers and continue to blend for 30 seconds-1 minute, or until smooth. Season with salt to taste. Transfer the hummus to a serving bowl and top with reserved peppers and cayenne pepper if desired. Serve with your favorite snack of choice and enjoy!


Nutrition Per Serving: Serving Size ¼ cup / Calories 195 / Protein 6g / Carbohydrate 18g / Dietary Fiber 5g / Total Sugars 4g / Total Fat 12g / Saturated Fat 2g / Cholesterol 0 mg






Fried Oreos



Fried Oreos are the perfect after school snack, because your kids will melt over the combination of the creamy Oreo filling, chocolate and crunchy exterior. It only requires a few ingredients, so it’s easy enough for anyone to make! You can even try out different types of Oreos, such as Double Stuffed, Birthday Cake, Cool Mint or even Chocolate! These dessert treats are great to dress up for the holidays or your kids’ birthday party and add on some fun colors or decorations – like we did for the Fall season! These made 9 servings, but feel free to make as many as you want. The Crescent roll was just enough to cut 9 squares so that we could wrap each cookie. Make sure to let your Fried Oreos cool for a few minutes since the centers will be piping hot. We don’t recommend letting your Oreos sit out for too long as they will start to become hard. If you do, then go ahead and pop them back in the Air Fryer to reheat them. If powdered sugar is too sweet to add to this already sweet dessert, then utilize cinnamon instead. Eat these yummy treats by themselves or dip them in chocolate sauce or Oreo dip!





9 Oreo cookies

1 Crescent sheet roll

desired toppings





Pop the crescent sheet roll and spread it on the table. Line and cut 9 even squares with a knife.

Get your Oreo cookies and wrap them in the squares.

Place your prepared cookies in the air fryer basket lined with perforated parchment paper (optional). Air fry at 360°F for 2 minutes. Flip them over and cook for another 2 minutes.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon and pair with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!


Nutrition Per Serving: Calories 67 / Carbohydrate 10g / Protein 1g / Fat 3g / Saturated Fat 1g / Sodium 80 mg / Potassium 26g / Fiber 1g / Sugar 5g / Calcium 3 mg / Iron 1 mg






Orange Soda Chicken Wings



Chicken wings are a great option, because you can switch up the sauces, serve with so many dipping sauces and make them in bulk for leftovers. We opted for this Orange Soda Hot Sauce for a sweet and spicy snack. The orange soda and hot sauce gives it that nice orange flavor and bright orange color too. Using any type of orange soda, like Orange Fanta, Orange Crush or a generic one from your local grocery store will do just fine. The orange zest added even more orange flavor to the wings, but feel free to omit it if it’s too much. Adding in brown sugar makes it sweeter, so it’s not too spicy for your kids. If you aren’t fond of this sauce, then switch it up and make cherry glazed, pineapple teriyaki or old fashioned barbecue wings! These wings were coated in seasoning for flavor and air fried to get them real crispy. Air frying is a healthier option because you can still achieve that crispy or fried effect, without all the added oils or calories. Tossing baking powder on the wings helps dry the skin out and allows them to get crispier when cooking. Some have found that baking powder can have a bitter taste, so be sure to use aluminum-free baking powder. We were able to make 6 servings but make as many as you need to feed your family. Serve these tasty wings with your favorite veggies and dipping sauce, such as Garlic Parmesan, Creamy Ranch or Buffalo Sauce!







2 lbs. chicken wings, cut in half at joint

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp onion powder

1 tbsp baking powder, aluminum-free

chopped fresh cilantro, for garnish



1 cup Orange soda

3 tbsp hot sauce

2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp orange zest

1 tsp soy sauce

¼ tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 tbsp cornstarch





In a large bowl, toss the chicken wings with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and baking powder to fully coat.

Place the tossed chicken wings in your air fryer basket lined with perforated parchment paper (optional). Air fry at 360°F for 25 minutes.

While you are waiting for your chicken wings to cook, prepare the sauce.

In a medium saucepan bring the orange soda, hot sauce, brown sugar, butter, orange zest, soy sauce, red pepper flakes and cornstarch to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened.

Remove your wings from the Air Fryer and toss with the prepared sauce. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve with your favorite veggies and dipping sauce!







Pizza Rollup Snackers



This kid-approved recipe is so simple, because it only contains a few ingredients. They’re also super quick and easy to make, which is perfect if you have a busy schedule or your kids are dying of starvation! We utilized Crescent roll dough, but you could also use biscuit dough and flatten them out. Or go the extra mile and make your own homemade dough! You can also cut the cheese sticks smaller or add in some extra pepperoni if you desire. We kept it simple with marinara sauce, cheese and pepperoni, but add in whatever toppings you want – different cheeses, veggies, more pepperoni, whatever pizza toppings you and your family love! We cooked these in our Air Fryer but go ahead and use a traditional oven or Air Fryer Oven also. This made about 14 servings, so there will be plenty to go around or even save some for the next day. Your kids can enjoy this delicious snack by themselves, dunked in marinara sauce or pair them with a salad for a fuller meal!





1 tube of Crescent rolls

6 oz. pepperoni

1 jar pizza or marinara sauce

8 mozzarella cheese sticks





Unroll the crescent rolls and lay them on a flat surface. Use a knife to cut the dough into triangles.

Spoon your desired amount of pizza or marinara sauce onto each triangle. Place a piece of cheese stick on top. On the wide edge of the crescent roll, lay out a row of pepperonis. 

Roll up the crescent rolls and place them in the air fryer basket lined with perforated parchment paper (optional). Air fry at 370°F for 6-8 minutes, or until golden brown.

Remove from the Air Fryer and serve with some marinara sauce. Enjoy!






Snacks for when your kids get out of school are essential to keep them happy until dinner time. It can be overwhelming as a parent to have their snacks and meals ready for them when they get home when you have so much to do yourself or are always on the go. That’s why having one of our products in your life will be a huge lifesaver. The possibilities of what you can make for your kids are endless, and all you need to worry about is throwing the ingredients in the appliance, set it and forget it – until your kids are ready to devour their delicious snack! Our products will save you so much prep and cooking time, clean up will be a breeze and you’ll be able to create healthier options for your family to enjoy. There are so many snack options available to you guys on our Recipe blog, but here are a few of our favorites!


Blackberry PiesAir Fryer or Air Fryer Oven

Hazelnut DoughnutsAir Fryer or Air Fryer Oven

Fried Banana SmoresAir Fryer or Air Fryer Oven

Baked Apple- Air Fryer or Air Fryer Oven

Pop TartsAir Fryer or Air Fryer Oven

Mama Sue’s SalsaBlender

Red, White and Blue Frozen LemonadeBlender

Spinach Artichoke DipPressure Cooker

Four-Cheese Mac and CheesePressure Cooker

Grilled Pineapple with Lime DipElectric Grill

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers with Blueberry GlazeElectric Grill


If you need more recipe ideas, enjoy our included recipe book with easy to follow steps and check out another snack staple of ours, Five Cheese Pull Apart Bread. This tasty and addictive snack can be made in an Air Fryer or Air Fryer Oven and the cheesy goodness will keep your kids coming back for more!


If you still feel unsure, there are so many outlets out there to help you with tips, tricks and recipes! We also have a YouTube channel and other helpful blog posts to help you get more familiar with your GoWISE USA product and find useful tips and recipes.


We appreciate every one of our customers and hope you found this post helpful with getting more familiar with your GoWISE USA Products. And don’t forget to share your experiences and creations with our products using the #GoWISEUSA on all of our social channels or join our GoWISE Creations community on Facebook. 




A big thank you to the authors of the recipes we tested out. Check out the links below to take a look at the original recipes.