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"Best Air Fryers of 2018"
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"Best Air Fryer 2018 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews"
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What Customers Are Saying

Sheila - Wayfair "The color is my favorite. Bought the same one for my daughter. It’s the right size for two of us. Multiple batches are so easy and quick anyway. I experimentedevery day for 10 days and am now an ambassador for air fryers.. especially GoWise in many colors." 
Rick - The Home Depot
"We have cooked bbq Chicken, crispy chicken and bbq pork chops so far and all have come out really good, it is easy to operate and has surpassed my expectations in what i thought food would taste like from an air fryer, if you are one the fence about air frying your food , dont be and Gowise ranks in the top with all rated fryers in all the reviews of the best fryers on the market that i looked at, and i looked at alot of them,,,, getcha one, you won't be disappointed"
Valerie - Bed Bath & Beyond "Really like everything about my airfryer. It crisp with no oil. I think this is my favorite gadget now."
Nel - Amazon "Works great for 4 people. The food taste better than the oven, crispy, moist and juicy. I usually put foil at the bottom for easy clean up. The food doesn't stick in the basket. So far, I made broccoli, chicken strips, chicken thighs, empanada, fries, crab rangoon, garlic bread, very tasty lechon or pork belly, lumpia or spring roll, vegetable pancake, whole fish pompano, salmon fillet, salmon steak, salmon cakes/patties, sausage with onion and pepper, banana turon, shrimp tempura, shrimp skewer, asparagus with bacon, cheese stick and more. This air fryer is a very good investment and I'm very satisfied with the output.

Update: I've been using this airfryer every single day for the past few months, still works great.

Update: 6/6/2018
I made lemon cake recently. It was so good. I posted new pictures"


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