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Frequently Asked Questions

Are batteries included with your products?

Yes, all GoWISE USA products come with batteries. In addition, our Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors come with batteries and an AC adapter.

What is the warranty on GoWISE USA products?

Our products come with a 1 year limited warranty. Please see our Warranty/Refund link under the quick link section located on the bottom of the web page for more information.

Pressure Cookers

What does E3 error code mean ? 

Getting down to the error code, the E3 is meaning for the overheating error code. When your unit does not have enough water in it or there is early steam release, the unit will go into an Error code and it will display the E3. To get rid of the E3, you want to unplug the unit and let it cool down. Once the unit has cooled down, you can plug it back in and the error code will go away.

What causes the E3:

  1. Not enough water in your recipe. 
    You want to make sure you have enough water in all of your recipes. Even if you have liquid in your unit, water helps the unit build up to pressure to properly pressurize. (2 cups of water per 1 cup of ingredients is recommended) 

  2. Early steam releasing. 
    Check where the steam is releasing from , such as the regulator knob or the sides of the unit. If there is steam releasing from the sides, stop the cooking cycle, allow the unit to cool and remove your lid. When you remove your lid, remove your sealing ring and realign the sealing. If there is steam releasing from the regulator knob, make sure your knob is set to pressure. If that does not work, adjust your knob until there is no steam releasing. If needed contact our customer support. 

  3. Switching cooking presets and functions.
    When using the browning or saute feature with pressure cooker, always make sure you wait between 5-10 minutes for the heating plate to cool down before selecting another preset. If you select another preset too soon, with out the unit cooling down, E3 will display.

To get rid of the E3:  

  1. You want to unplug the unit and let it cool down.
  2. Once the unit has cooled down (appropriately 10 Mins - 25 mins)
  3. Once the power is plugged back in, the unit should be working properly now.
  4. Make sure you have enough water in the unit. (2 cups of water per 1 cup ingredients is recommended)
  5. Check if there is early steam release
  6. Make sure you wait 5-10 minutes before selecting another preset. 

To prevent the error code from occurring again,

  • Please always make sure that you are adding 2 cups of water for every cup of ingredients. Even if you are making soup, you want to make sure there is enough light liquid to lighten up the meal (so pressure can build). If there is plenty of liquid, always make sure there is no early steam releasing.
  • If there is steam releasing early, locate where it is coming from. If it is from the regulator knob, please ensure you can adjust the knob so no steam will come out. If it is from the sides of the unit, stop the timer, release the steam from the unit, then remove the lid from the unit and adjust the sealing ring.

    Bathroom Scales  

    How does the scale work?

    The scale uses a Bio Impedance Analysis technology. It passes a small electrical current through the body to estimate the body fat mass, total body water, lean mass, and bone mass.

    Can anyone use the scales?

    The scales are not intended for use by pregnant women, children under the age of 18 and anyone implanted with a medical device, such as a pacemaker, metal plates or screws, and contraceptive devices. Contact your physician before use.

    Why is my body fat reading on my friend’s scale different than my reading on my GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale?

    Body fat scales that are made by different manufacturers have different settings that measure different parts of the body and use different mathematic algorithms to calculate the percentage of body fat. For the best comparison results, you should use the same scale every time.

    Kitchen Scales

    What is the difference between the Food Scale and Nutritional Scale?

    The food scale and nutritional scale both weigh food, but the nutritional scale is programmed with 999 food codes that identify Calories, Salt, Protein, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol, and Fiber values for most commonly used food and beverages.

    Is the nutritional information that come up accurate?

    The programmed nutritional values are an indication only, and not an exact value. The nutritional information is approximate mean values and is based on the latest USDA information and other sources.

    What is the “ZERO” or “TARE” feature? 

    “Zero” or “TARE” is a feature where the scale calculates the weight of the food minus the weight of the container that the food is in.

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Why is my blood pressure reading I got at the hospital different from home?

    Using different blood pressure monitors will result in different readings because the settings and properties are not all the same. In addition, blood pressure changes throughout the day due to circumstances, such as stress or weather.

    Does it matter which arm or wrist is used to take my blood pressure?

    You can choose either arm or wrist, but the results will be very different. For monitoring purposes, you should measure the same side every time.

    Does blood pressure change throughout the day?

    Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. It can also be affected by the way that you tie the cuff and your position during the measurement. For the best results, measure your blood pressure under the same conditions.


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