Homemade Air Fried Bread Rolls

Homemade Air Fried Bread Rolls



Rolls are the perfect side to any dinner. We decided to make these rolls from scratch using our air fryer.




3 cups of flour

1 cup of milk

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp coconut oil

5.5 grams of yeast

7.5 tbsp of butter

Salt and pepper




1. In a bowl, combine 3 cups of flour and 7.5 tbsp of butter

2. Heat the milk, olive oil, and coconut oil until lukewarm

3. Add the lukewarm milk and yeast to the bowl containing the flour and butter

4. Knead for 5 minutes

5. Cover dough with a damp cloth

6. Let sit in a warm area for 5 minutes

7. After 30 minutes, knead for another 5 minutes

8. Cover with damp towel and let sit for another 30 minutes

9. Flour bread board

10. Separate dough into balls

11. Place dough balls on top of parchment paper in air fryer basket

12. Cook at 360F for 15 minutes




Don't forget to share with your friends and family :)