Spring Rolls with Air Fried Tofu

Spring Rolls with Air Fried Tofu

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This week we decided to make a vegetarian meal: Rice Paper Spring Rolls with Air Fried Tofu.


Nutritional Info: This recipe is filled with veggies, tofu, and rice paper spring rolls which are all nutritious. Tofu provides a good source of protein, amino acids, iron, calcium, and more. To read more about the nutritional value of tofu follow this link: http://bit.ly/2FkLYmo




1 block extra firm tofu, pressed

½ cup of peanut oil

1 tbsp. of smoked paprika

12 spring roll rice papers

1 bundle of cilantro, chopped

Chopped green onions

Pickled radishes and carrots

Soy Sauce for dipping (optional)




Part 1: Tofu

  1. Place paper towels on a plate
  2. Place firm tofu onto paper towels
  3. Place paper towel on top of tofu and press for 5 minutes
  4. Cut tofu into cubes
  5. In a bowl, add ½ cup of peanut oil
  6. Dip tofu into oil and place into air fryer
  7. Before closing the air fryer, sprinkle with smoked paprika
  8. Set air fryer to 370F for 12-15 minutes
  9. Every few minutes take out the basket and flip the tofu

Part 2: Spring Rolls

  1. Run warm water over rice paper for 30 seconds and lay it out on a plate. The rice paper will continue to soften as you add your fillings. 
  2. Add tofu, pickled vegetables, chopped cilantro, and chopped green onions.
  3. Roll it up and enjoy!


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