Mealtime Memories with GoWISE: Nana's Macaroni

Mealtime Memories with GoWISE: Nana's Macaroni

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Everyone can think back to all those yummy dishes we used to enjoy when we were kids. Whether it was a box of junk food like Pop Tarts for breakfast or your mom’s homemade cooking. Talk about nostalgia! Well, we at GoWISE USA want to bring back a dose of that sentimentality. Each month you’ll be able to meet various members of GoWISE USA and see us recreate our favorite childhood recipes utilizing all of our products in our new video series, Mealtime Memories with GoWISE!


In the previous months, we introduced you to Amy, our Lead Graphic Designer, where she recreated a delicious childhood recipe, Pork & Mushroom Dumplings & Dipping Sauce utilizing the Pressure Cooker! Last month, you met Hailey, one of our Junior Graphic Designers, who utilized the Premiere High-Performance Blender to whip up her mom’s Homemade Salsa!


This month, we’ll introduce you to Rachel, one of our Junior Graphic Designers and Video Editor, who utilized the Air Fryer Oven Ultra to recreate her Nana’s homemade macaroni! Rachel comes from a big family where her Nana always had to have a meal ready for everyone and this was an all-time favorite! Anytime her sister and her would visit their Nana, she would always try to have the ingredients for them to make with her.






Rachel's Nana



Nana with her children at her son’s wedding



Rachel, her sister Laura, Nana & Tata






Nana’s Macaroni



Any 8x8 oven safe glass dish that you have in your kitchen will do, just as long as it fits in this appliance. Rachel thought our Air Fryer Oven Ultra was the perfect GoWISE kitchen gadget to use because it has such a great size – this dish fits just right but didn’t take up too much space. If you don’t have one of our Air Fryer Ovens yet, then feel free to use a traditional oven. We recommend cooking this dish for the additional time to ensure it is nice and crispy on top. This macaroni dish is the perfect size, so that you can share it and serve at dinner with the family or at your next gathering. Pair this delicious macaroni with some crispy chicken, garlic bread or even a small salad to make it a fuller meal!





12 oz. tomato sauce

6 oz. Colby cheese, grated

¾ stick of butter, cut into chunks

¾ of a lb. macaroni elbows, cooked  

1 cup milk

salt and pepper to taste





Cook your pasta and then grate your cheese. Put the cooked pasta and some of the cheese into your dish. Add in the tomato sauce, butter and milk. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Or add “one cross” salt and pepper, according to Rachel’s Nana. Then, add in the rest of the cheese, mixing thoroughly.

Cover your dish with tinfoil and place it in your Air Fryer Oven. Using the Manual mode, bake it at 350°F for 30 minutes. Once the timer goes off, give it good stir. If desired, replace the tinfoil and place the dish back in the Air Fryer Oven. Cook for an additional 5-10 minutes and enjoy!








This tasty macaroni dish is so simple to make – simply put your ingredients in an oven safe dish, mix them around and wait for the sweet aromas to take over. Using our Air Fryer Ovens will have this dish ready in no time and it will be crisped to perfection. It is filling enough to enjoy as a full meal or include a couple sides to go along with it. One thing’s for sure – whoever you serve this to will go nuts over how easy it is to make and how scrumptious it is!


We hope you enjoyed the next video of our video series, Mealtime Memories with GoWISE! Remember to stay tuned each month as we show you our team’s favorite childhood recipes and watch as we recreate them in our products!


If you need more recipe ideas, enjoy our included recipe book with easy to follow steps and check out a tasty side to pair with this, Nana’s Chicken. This recipe is the perfect side to go with this macaroni. You can enjoy and share the two with a group of people, not to mention they will love the combination of crispy chicken and the overload of cheeses!


If you still feel unsure, there are so many outlets out there to help you with tips, tricks and recipes! We also have a YouTube channel and other helpful blog posts to help you get more familiar with your GoWISE USA product and find useful tips and recipes.


We appreciate every one of our customers and hope you found this post helpful with getting more familiar with your GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven. And don’t forget to share your experiences and creations with our products using the #GoWISEUSA on all of our social channels or join our GoWISE Creations community on Facebook.