The Basics of Pressure Cooking Plus 5 Easy Recipes

The Basics of Pressure Cooking Plus 5 Easy Recipes

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How to Start Using Your GoWISE USA Pressure Cooker

First things first… congratulations on your new pressure cooker! It’s a big deal, because now cooking has never been easier. This pressure cooker will help you create foods in minutes and it cuts down on dishes, so clean-up is faster too! But, where do you begin? Well, in this article we’ll be breaking it down in three sections: The Basics, The Recipes, and The Clean-Up.
The Basics
Let’s start off with the water test. This is an introduction to your pressure cooker. This is to make sure you know how to work your pressure cooker and to see if it is working properly. We have a couple different versions of pressure cookers, so make sure to read the one you have.
 The Water Test
gowise usa pressure cooker GW22620

Fill the cooking pot halfway with water.

Lock the lid into place. The handles should be lined up with the handles of the cooker unit.

Turn the regulator knob on top of the lid to pressure. Plug in your unit.

Press “pressure time +” at the bottom of your cooker until you see “10” appear on the top screen. This means you have set the cooker for 10 minutes.
Once the blinking stops the unit will begin to build pressure.


After the unit builds up pressure, the timer will start counting down. Please observe your unit throughout the entire cooking cycle for any steam escaping and/or error codes.


Once the 10 minutes on the timer are up, the unit will beep. This means your cooker is done pressure cooking.

You can release the pressure in two ways:


Turn the knob on top of the lid to “steam” and let the steam and pressure release quickly through the knob. Be careful and keep your face away from the knob. The steam will be very hot.




Let the pressure decrease naturally. This may take more than 15 minutes.


Once the pressure has been released, it will be safe to twist the lid open.

     GW22700 Series
    gowise usa pressure cooker copper


    Fill the cooking pot halfway with water.

    Lock the lid into place.

    Press “manual” and set the time for 10 minutes on high pressure.

    Once the pressure cooker has built pressure it will start counting down.

    After the timer beeps, you may either let the pressure cooker naturally release or press the button down for the quick release option.

    Make sure to observe your pressure cooker throughout the entire cycle to ensure there is no steam escaping and/or error codes present. 

    Quick Release vs. Natural Release
    If you've already been looking for pressure cooker recipes you'll notice QR or NR a lot. QR refers to quick release while NR refers to natural release. When would you use each? 
    Quick release is used to prevent foods like vegetables from overcooking. Natural release is used when cooking meat. This method will make the meat more tender. 
    The Recipes
    1. Rice

    It's important to remember that rice is a one to one ratio when it comes to cooking in the pressure cooker. Please refer to the chart we've created below.


    For a cilantro rice recipe please click here

    Pressure cooker rice chart gowise usa
    2. Black Beans

    Did you know that pressure cooking beans takes out an extra step? No more soaking your beans overnight. All you have to do is follow this recipe and you'll have beans in minutes!


    Find the full recipe here

    3. Chili Lime Chicken

    Learn how to make chicken quick and easy in the pressure cooker. We used our seasonings to make a chili lime mix, but once you get the hang of your pressure cooker you can add in whatever spices you'd like. 


    Watch our Burrito Bowl Recipe where we make rice, beans, and chicken in our pressure cookers. 


    4. Hard Boiled Eggs

    If you're a fan of hard boiled eggs, then you'll love this recipe.


    For the eggs we used the stainless rack that comes with the pressure cooker. The photo below shows 6 eggs in a 10-QT GoWISE USA pressure cooker, but 8 eggs can fit in an 8-QT pressure cooker as well.


    All you have to do is add 1 cup of water and select the "Egg Maker" preset. Once it's ready, let the pressure cooker naturally release for 10 minutes.  

    5. Enchilada Soup

    This Enchilada Soup is super easy to make. Just add everything in all at once and let our pressure cooker do the rest. 


    For the full recipe click here.  

    enchilada soup 
    The Clean up
    Add soap and warm water to the insert pot. Using a sponge (non-abrasive if cleaning the ceramic pot) clean the insert pot thoroughly. With a towel, wipe the outside and inside dry or let air dry. We do not recommend using the dishwasher to clean the ceramic/non-stick insert pots.


    Tips when cleaning


    Use a non-abrasive sponge (if cleaning a non-stick ceramic pot)


    Use warm soapy water


    Let it soak for a couple minutes


    Rinse and then wash with a sponge


    Cleaning the Sealing Ring
    The sealing ring in your pressure cooker can keep a lot of odors. To ensure the smell doesn't linger follow the tips below.
    pressure cooker sealing ring cleaning tips
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