The Best Holiday Gift for a College Student

The Best Holiday Gift for a College Student

Why the perfect gift for a college student is an air fryer.
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The modern college student faces many challenges today, one of the biggest concerns is food. We all know there are a lot of costs associated with college such as accommodation, transportation, books, and meal plans. According to the Washington Post, a meal plan could cost a student (and their parents) something around $3000 a year. For those who can’t afford a meal plan or want to pay less after graduating, cooking at home is a much more affordable option. But who has the time? Thankfully, students nowadays have the power of technology to provide smart kitchen appliances to help them out like the air fryer. The air fryer can give your student the break they deserve. The Rapid Air Circulation Technology cooks food by circulating hot air in all directions, ensuring fast and even cooking.


Many see air frying as an alternative to deep frying, because it can make delicious, crispy fried foods that are healthier than those made with a deep fryer. An air fryer doesn’t need oil to make fried delicacies.  It’s more than that though, because it can do more than just make fried foods. With different Air Fryers come different presets like Fish, Chips, Chicken, and Cake. Yes, a cake can be made in an Air Fryer, and still be delicious. “In just 10 to 12 minutes, for instance, you can cook a batch of fries, using just half a spoonful of oil. And, that’s just the beginning. From cakes to nuggets, burgers to steaks, foods can be rapidly cooked to achieve the same results when frying, toasting, baking or roasting.” (Hillis) Not only is it a time saver, but cleanup is a breeze. There are a ton of recipes out there specifically for Air Fryers. For beginners, there are easy recipes to follow and videos that can help those who aren’t too familiar with Air Fryers or cooking in general.


Not only can an air fryer help with costs, but the days of college students living on noodles and canned foods are over. Today the modern college student prefers to make healthy and delicious food at home. According to a recent study commissioned by Linda McCartney Foods, forty-five percent of current and past students, for the last ten years, have said that they have had a healthy diet while at university. Students are getting creative and healthy in the kitchen and buying products such as olive oil, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. However, students can have extremely tight schedules and typically try to balance schoolwork, friends, a significant other, clubs, and maybe even jobs. There isn’t always time to cook a healthier meal, but with an air fryer that can change.


Help your young adult out by gifting them the power to make food in a way that’s not only faster, but healthier. Below are some recipes they can make each day.


Breakfast: Egg in a Hole

Lunch: Philly Cheesesteak

Snack: Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner: Pork Chops

Dessert: Cheesecake




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