Air Fryer Chicken Bombers

Air Fryer Chicken Bombers




12 Slices bacon (partially cooked in pan or in air fryer 300° for 5 mins.)

8 oz. Softened cream cheese

1 TBSP Chives chopped

2 lbs. Bonesless/Skinless chicken breast


Using a meat mallet flatten the chicken, and cut into strips large enough spread the cream cheese mix. Be sure to leave at least a half inch on edges to allow for spreading when it is rolled up. 

Pre-cook the bacon partially in a pan or the air fryer. Don't overcook as it will cook more when wrapped around the chicken.

Mix in 1 TBSP of chopped chives into softened cream chees. Mix well. 

Spread the cream cheese mix onto the flatted chicken strips and carefully roll along with the bacon. Place onto the rack inside air fryer, or a the base of the air fryer basket. Use cooking spray and don't let the bombers touch to prevent any sticking.

Fry at 450° for 13 minutes.


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