Mealtime Memories with GoWISE: Amy's Pork & Mushroom Dumplings & Dipping Sauce

Mealtime Memories with GoWISE: Amy's Pork & Mushroom Dumplings & Dipping Sauce

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Everyone can think back to all those yummy dishes we used to enjoy when we were kids. Whether it was a box of junk food like Pop Tarts for breakfast or your mom’s homemade cooking. Talk about nostalgia! Well, we at GoWISE USA want to bring back a dose of that sentimentality. Each month you’ll be able to meet various members of GoWISE USA and see us recreate our favorite childhood recipes utilizing all of our products in our new video series, Mealtime Memories with GoWISE!


First up is Amy, our Lead Graphic Designer and she is recreating this delectable recipe, Asian Dumplings utilizing the Pressure Cooker! Dumplings are known to be the most traditional food in China. Amy learned how to wrap dumplings with her grandma when she was just a little kid and these ones are extra special, because they include her secret ingredient!







Amy’s Pork & Mushroom Dumplings & Dipping Sauce



Pressure Cookers are great to cook up some dumplings, because they come with a double steam basket accessory, which lets you make a big batch at one time. Her secret ingredient is adding chopped dried shrimp, so make sure to follow that step! We added the infused water to fully include the flavor of the ginger and the green onion into the meat and to give some extra moisture to the meat. Adding in vegetable oil helps even more to lock in the flavors. Add sesame to give it a bit of that sesame taste, but if you aren’t fond of sesame then go ahead and omit it. We went ahead and used store bought wraps, but feel free to make your own! It’s alright if your first few dumplings don’t look pretty, because practice makes perfect. While you’re wrapping them, it’s the perfect time to involve your friends and family to help you. We recommend using perforated parchment paper to ensure your dumplings do not stick. If you don’t have any, then spritz your baskets with cooking spray first.






20-25 pieces dried shrimp

5 cups water, divided  

½ bunch of green onions


1 can corn, water drained

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp sesame oil

60-70 dumpling wraps


Pork Filling:

1 lb. pork

1 egg

2 tbsp salt

½ tbsp sugar

½ tbsp white pepper

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce


Mushroom Filling:

1 lb. shiitake mushrooms

½ bunch of green onions


Dipping Sauce:

soy sauce

black vinegar (this is an Asian ingredient, you can also replace with regular vinegar)

chili oil

red pepper flakes

sesame seeds



*We recommend visiting your local Asian supermarket for the Asian ingredients, such as dried shrimp, dumpling wraps, oyster sauce, etc. There are no exact measurements for the dipping sauce ingredients. Mix them together according to your desired taste. If you prefer a sour taste, then add more vinegar and if you enjoy a spicy flavoring, add more chili oil.






Place your pieces of dried shrimp in a bowl. Pour 1 cup of water into the dried shrimp and set aside to soak.

Then, cut a piece of ginger, about an inch long. Peel the ginger and chop it into slices. Place 4-5 slices into a separate bowl.

Chop the green onions into 2 inch long pieces. Place them in the same bowl as the ginger and add approximately 2 cups of water. Massage gently to bring out the flavors and set aside for 10-15 minutes.

In a large mixing bowl, add your pork, egg, salt, sugar, white pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Mix together in one direction only.

Add half of the ginger-and green onion-infused water to the meat and stir to combine. Then, add the rest of the water and stir to combine. Add half of the shrimp-infused water and set the shrimp aside to continue soaking. Stir to combine.

Finely chop the shiitake mushrooms. Chop the green onions and add them to the mushrooms. Then, remove the shrimp from the water and discard the water. Pat the shrimp dry with a paper towel and finely mince them. Add the shrimp and corn to your pork mixture, stirring in the same direction to combine.

Add vegetable oil to the mixture. Then, add in your mushroom and green onion mixture, along with the sesame oil.

Place your dumpling wraps and a bowl of water on a flat surface. Place 1 tbsp of filling in the center of the wrap. Wet the edges of the wrap and pinch the middle to seal it, making 2-3 creases on either side of the center before pinching it closed. Make sure there are no holes. Repeat steps until all dumplings are filled and closed.

Using your Pressure Cooker and double steam basket accessory, line the steam baskets with perforated parchment paper. Place your dumplings in the basket. Pour 1-2 cups of water in the inner pot. Place the rack in the center of the pot and stack the steam baskets on top.

Lock your lid and select the Steam preset. Reduce the preset time from 8 minutes to 4 minutes. While you are waiting for your dumplings to cook, mix your dipping sauce ingredients together in a small bowl. Serve your dumplings and dipping sauce together and enjoy!  






So, there you have it! This Asian inspired dish is perfect for any occasion and is so versatile. You can change the fixings to whatever ingredients or pairings you want! Take a look at another version of Asian Dumplings we made where we used pork, chives, shrimp and eggs! These dumplings are filling enough to enjoy as a full meal or include a couple sides to go with it.


We hope you enjoyed this first video of our new video series, Mealtime Memories with GoWISE! Stay tuned each month as we show you our team’s favorite childhood recipes and watch as we recreate them in our products! And don’t forget to keep up with our new and future products available on our Coming Soon page. Get ready for our new Ovate Pressure Cooker that will be available in early August and then you can make all the dumplings you want, just like these ones and more! And take advantage of our new Air Fryer Oven, the Vibe Series that just dropped!!! This sleek kitchen gadget has 11.6 quarts of cooking space to air fry, roast, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate and more!


If you need more recipe ideas, enjoy our included recipe book with easy to follow steps and check out another childhood recipe of ours, Air Fryer Pop Tarts. It’s a tasty breakfast or dessert option that will take you back to those days you would eat them as a kid!


If you still feel unsure, there are so many outlets out there to help you with tips, tricks and recipes! We also have a YouTube channel and other helpful blog posts to help you get more familiar with your GoWISE USA product and find useful tips and recipes.


We appreciate every one of our customers and hope you found this post helpful with getting more familiar with your GoWISE USA Pressure Cooker. And don’t forget to share your experiences and creations with our products using the #GoWISEUSA on all of our social channels or join our GoWISE Creations community on Facebook. 



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