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5 Easy Blender Recipes

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Who says you can just make smoothies in a blender? In this article we will show you 5 different recipes that aren't just about smoothies. Tweak these recipes to make them your own!



1. Hummus

 cilantro hummus


Making enough hummus for everyone to enjoy is easy when you use this recipe. This hummus is refreshing with a bit of a kick. 


 Find Recipe Here:   Recipe     Video




2. Cashew Butter

 cashew butter


This recipe is probably the one that needs the least amount of prep time. All you need are cashews. Read the recipe or watch the video for a sense of how long this recipe will take you.


 Find the Recipe Here:   Recipe     Video



3. Cookies and Cream Milkshake

 cookies and cream milkshake


Who can forget about the classic cookies and cream milkshake? Change it up by adding your favorite cookies!


 Find the Recipe Here:   Recipe     Video 


4. Salsa

 Chipotle Salsa


This salsa came out a little mild, so if you like spicy salsa feel free to add hotter chili peppers.


 Find the Recipe Here:   Recipe     Video


5. Green Smoothie


Green Smoothie


We could not leave out a smoothie recipe and this is one is for the health conscious.


 Find the Recipe Here:   Recipe     Video




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