How to Use The Rotisserie Function on your Air Fryer Oven

How to Use The Rotisserie Function on your Air Fryer Oven

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How To Rotisserie A Whole Chicken using a GoWISE Air Fryer Oven


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Step 1: Cover entire chicken inside and out with Olive Oil.

Step 2: Cover entire chicken with Poultry Seasoning.

Step 3: Stuff chicken. We used fresh Sage, Fresh Dill, chunks of Carrot, Celery, and Onion.


Trussing the chicken


Step 1: Place the chicken on its back with the legs facing toward you.

Step 2: Slide a piece of twine under the back of the chicken between the

wings and the thighs.

Step 3: Pull both ends of the twine up under the chicken’s armpits, then

pull them over the wings.

Step 4: Cross the string around the top of the breast, making sure the

skin is secure.

Step 5: Bring the ends of the twine back toward you, running them

along the sides of the breast above the wings and thighs.

Step 6: Cross the ends of the twine, pulling tightly up and under the

crown of the bird.

Step 7: Loop the ends of the string under the legs, then over the top of

the legs Cross and tighten The thighs should pop up a little.

Step 8: Flip the bird onto its belly and finish by tying the strings in a knot

around the tail.


Securing chicken onto Rotisserie Rod


Step 1:  Carefully maneuver the Rotisserie Rod through the chicken from the neck to the legs.

Step 2: Slide the Rotisserie Forks on the Rotisserie Rod piercing the chicken one side at a time, lightly tightening thumb bolts.

Do the same for the other side.

Make sure the chicken is secure on the Rotisserie Rod and doesn't wobble.

Insert the long end of the Rotisserie Rod into the Rotisserie Socket first then, set the opposite end into the Rotisserie slot. Do not force Rod into the socket, rotate until Rod slips in easily.

Cooking the Chicken


Use the Rotisserie function and set the cooking preset to Rotisserie. Cook chicken until internal temperature reaches 160°F.

You can use the cooking light to check on your meals as they cook!

Use the Rotisserie Tong to remove the cooked chicken, be careful it will be hot!