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Mummy Hotdogs

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Adorably spooky mummies with crescent roll "bandages" for a crispy, juicy meal.

Mummy hotdogs


1 can crescent dough rolls

10 hot dogs

3 slices American Cheese

Mustard or ketchup


    Unroll crescent dough, separate at perforations, making a large rectangle. Press perforations to seal so there are no holes.

    With pizza cutter, cut the dough lengthwise about ½ inch thick, and same for the cheese.

    Place a sliver of cheese lengthwise on the hotdog. Stretch the dough slightly and wrap around the hotdog. About ½ inch from the top of the hotdog, separate the “bandages” to leave room for a face.

    Place wrapped hotdogs into the air fryer, not touching each other.

    Bake at 390 for 10 minutes or until dough is golden-brown.

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