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Making bone broth in your Pressure Cooker is a great way to utilize any leftover chicken carcass you have. Add in your favorite veggies and herbs and voila! You have a large quantity of bone broth to use up for any future recipes you may have!






desired vegetables: onion, celery, carrot

desired herbs: rosemary

chicken carcass


salt and pepper to taste





Open the lid and place the mesh basket inside the inner pot of your Pressure Cooker. Make foil handles and secure them around the handles of the mesh basket.

Add in your desired vegetables, herbs and chicken carcass to the inner pot. Cover the chicken in water, making sure not to exceed the max fill line. Fold over your foil handles to ensure that they stay inside the inner pot.

Lock the lid and cook on high pressure for 1.5 hours. Once it is done cooking, release the pressure and safely open the lid. Use your foil handles to take the mesh basket out of the inner pot.

Remove any leftover ingredients from the broth. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!



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