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Starbucks Spinach & Egg White Wrap

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On one side of the griddle, place the sliced tomatoes onto the griddle and cook until browned, flip, and repeat. On the other side, sauté the spinach with olive oil until wilted. Season both the tomatoes and spinach with salt and pepper. Remove when cooked.

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Rosemary's Baby

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This is one smokin' beverage! A sweet and savory mix with the added theatrics of being a flaming drink - if you dare!


2 oz Bacardi white rum

5 oz raspberry puree

½ oz lemon juice

¾ oz rosemary simple syrup

2 tsp Bacardi 151 (optional)

Dash of cinnamon (optional)

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Hot Blooded Margarita

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This deliciously spicy margarita combines the fresh flavors of jalapeño and raspberry to provide a unique experience. Do you dare to give it a try?



2 oz tequila

2 oz peach juice

1 oz Raspberry puree

½ oz lime juice

½ oz jalapeño simple syrup, or to taste (recipe listed below)

Lime wedge, to garnish

Coarse salt, to rim

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Vodka Vampire

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This creepy Halloween drink features a syringe full of "blood" that will make your skin crawl - but will taste delicious!



2 oz vodka

1 oz amaretto

1 oz orange juice

Top-off with club soda

Raspberry puree

plastic syringes


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Raspberry Puree

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We used this quick and versatile puree in our Halloween mixed drinks, but the applications are virtually limitless! Use it for a filling in some sweets, top off your favorite dessert, or even add a touch of sweet to your favorite entrée!


24 oz Frozen Raspberries

1 cup sugar

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